Brunch with Babes is a membership based community focused on helping Female Professionals & Entrepreneurs connect with like-minded women while growing personally and professionally. ​ Our Monthly in person event is for anyone at any stage in their business or career. This event attracts hundreds of Babes who are ready to create connections, have conversations, and be a part of building a local community of women who "get it". Brunch with Babes events are held in multiple locations across the US. We are always looking to expand to reach more women. If you are interested in starting a Brunch with Babes Chapter in your area reach out to us, we would love to talk.

This community was created to bring strong, inspired, and inspirational women together. We are here to create a community of women going after their dreams and goals. Whether your business has been successful for years, or you're just getting started, this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome here. Our soul purpose is that we influence, connect, and grow together to achieve our goals supporting one another along the way.

Meet The Founder

Shelby St.clair

Shelby St.clair, aka, The Spiritual Alignment Activator™, is a embodiment coach and business strategist helping women in business bring together the duality between business, personal branding, emotional intelligence, and transformational healing.

The dream to cultivate a community of like-minded women who support other women came in 2019. Once a month Shelby and her girlfriends get together for Brunch, it's the one day a month they get to remove all of their titles in life.

They get to be themselves without being mom, partner, maid, cook, business owner, working women. They get to be together, stress free for a small moment of time, letting go of all of life's day to day hardships and coming together with a breath of fresh air, good food and some mimosas.

While sitting at Brunch talking and sharing what's been going on + feeling so supported in each of our truths Shelby thought "this is it, this is what women who are in business need and I'm going to create it one day!"

She launched Brunch with Babes in Redondo Beach, CA in August of 2022 with the soul goal of creating a community of women who were ready to lock arms with one another, go the extra distance, create real friendships and root each other on in the great times while holding each other up in the hard times.

And that's exactly what's been created here!

Things aren't always easy in life but having a group of women supporting you and letting you know that you aren't alone sure does make ALL the difference when it comes to how you move through and process the hardships.

Shelby knew that from all of the networking events she attended she could make something different, something unique.

An intimate space where connection, conversation and community could be built.

She didn't want women going to another event where all they left with was sweaty palms and business cards.

She didn't want to create a space where women just signed up for a membership and questioned each month if it was really even worth it.

She didn't want the focus to be gaining a few new friends on Instagram that you never actually talk to.

She wanted something different, something new, something real.

A space where women could be seen, heard and accepted for where they are and where they want to be, while offering the support to help you reach your big dreams and claim all that you desire.

We can't wait for you to be a part of it!

Leslie Jespersen, aka The Claircognizant Confidence Queen™, is a seasoned events, entertainment, and marketing professional with a passion for helping women plug into their bodies and step into the spotlight so they can experience freedom and fulfillment in their businesses.

She grew up with entrepreneur parents, learning the ropes of event production at a young age. Leslie was working festivals and large-scale productions involving 50K+ people by the time she was 18. She pursued a degree in Communications Studies and became a media personality, inspiring women all over the globe with her story. In 2019, Leslie combined her business experience in entertainment, events, and marketing with her passion for uplifting women, to create The Leveled Up Brunch Forum: a day party and purposeful experience for women to come together in solidarity, healing, and support.

Meet Leslie Jespersen

In January 2022, Shelby and Leslie met through a mastermind program where they continued to stayed connected, supporting one another in any way they could.

With both Shelby & Leslie having aligned backgrounds and a desire to bring women together in big ways they made the choice to create a Joint Venture in February 2023 bringing together Brunch with Babes and the Leveled Up Brunch Forum which is now called Leveled Up at Night to take their brunches for women even bigger.

Leslie officially launched Brunch with Babes in Atlantic City, NJ with a sold out event!

This community. It EXPLODED.

We couldn't believe the outpouring of love and excitement from so many people and how many women were so eager to join.

These women.

This community.



The future's SO BRIGHT for these ladies and for Brunch with Babes.



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