I’m Shelby St.clair, the founder of Brunch with Babes. This is THE social networking and masterminding community for Women in Business.

No matter if you’re dreaming of leaving your 9-5, have been a SHE-EO for a while now, or are somewhere in the middle, we’re here to support you every single step of the way.

When you join the Brunch with Babes Membership Community you’ll have access to:

  • Member shoutouts on our social media

  • Ticket discounts to special workshops + events

  • Member only advertising pricing so you can showcase and promote your business with us

  • Get added to the Brunch with Babes Business Directory


If you're looking for an inspiring, empowering and supportive community of like-minded women to cheer you on as you hit your goals, and make more money look no further...you found us!

Are you tired of doing the solopreneur thing, trying to run your business alone?

Do you feel like your friends and family have the best intention but just don’t get it?

Can you see your big vision business and life but can’t find the time, stay accountable, or stay on track to make it all real?

Is it time for you to grow your network and learn new aligned ways to make more money that don't drain your energy?

Well babe, you’re in the right place!

Brunch with Babes is a Membership based community full of women who have been there, done that, and are ready to support you, love you, and help you get to where you want to be both in life and business.

The BEST investment for your business!

Brunch Babe Membership


every month

  • Monthly in-person Brunch with Babes event

  • Member shoutouts on our social media

  • Ticket discounts to special workshops + events

  • Member only advertising pricing so you can showcase and promote your business with us

  • Get added to the Brunch with Babes Business Directory

  • New Master Training delivered monthly

  • Weekly accountability email

  • Private VIP Online Community

  • Monthly virtual Energy Clearing & Healing session

  • Access to all previous archived trainings

  • Downloadable business growth Resources

Brunch Babe Mastermind Membership


every month

  • Everything included inside of the Brunch Babes Membership


  • Monthly virtual Masterminding session for extra support & coaching

  • First come opportunity to be a Vendor at the monthly event at a discounted rate

  • Exclusive access to Monthly Brunch Babe Mastermind Members-Only special events

  • Be a guest on the Behind The Boss Lady Podcast

  • Share your business with Shelby's email list as a Spotlighted Member

  • Discounted ticket to Annual 2-Day Conference held in Redondo Beach, CA

Build your business, make an impact and an income, be a part of the community, and have biz besties all over the world!


As a Brunch Babe member your business will be searchable through our online Business Directory showcasing you on all of the Brunch with Babes chapter websites.


Enjoy 15% off any other events hosted by Brunch with Babes Chapter Leaders. Enjoy 15% off advertising, sponsorship and vendor packages.


Get seen worldwide through member Spotlights via email & social media. We will spread the word about your business, brand and specials.

Hey! I'm Leslie Jespersen, Brunch with Babes other half and the South Jersey Chapter Leader

I'll be bringing you master trainings on Branding, Confidence, Self-Love, Social Media and so much more within the Brunch Babes Membership as I become your biggest cheerleader supporting you as your business grows.

If you've been doing the "solopreneur" thing for a while now and you're ready to be seen, heard and fully supported for where you are and where you want to go...this is your sign to get out of your comfort zone and join a community that is welcoming and empowering.

We're just getting started!

Brunch Babes Community Demographics

Our growing network of Women in Business is here to support you and help you make your dreams a reality.

Through the online community, in person events and via social media combining forces and supporting one another means unstoppable growth. We have seen massive growth and shifts within the Brunch Babes members both personally and professionally.​

Take a look at what being a part of Brunch with B3 Columnabes means for your business...

Brunch with Babes


98.8% Women in Business

18-24: 4.7%

25-34: 28.5%

35-44: 36.2%

45-55: 23.8%

55-64: 5.7%

65+ 1.9%

Brunch with Babes

Social Stats

Instagram average monthly insights

Accounts Reached: 15.8K
Impressions: 45.3K
Profile Visits: 1.7K
Website Taps: 1K

Brunch with Babes

Online Platforms

Gain Visibility on all of our platforms

1k Monthly website views
19K Instagram Followers
5,700 Email Subscribers

How we support you:

  • We help you grow your business

  • We help you connect with like-minded women

  • We help you grow your network

  • We help you get to where you want to be faster

  • We help you get seen by your soul clientele

Everything you will find inside of the Brunch Babes Membership aligns with one of these goals.​

You'll have exactly what you need to connect, grow, and make more money.

No matter what you’re working on in your business, you’ll find the people and tools you need inside of this Community.

How long will it take for my information to appear on the Business Directory?

Please allow us up to two weeks to process, cross reference and upload your information, photo and links into the Business Directory once you have completed the forms within your members portal.

How long will it take to get my social media post on your account?

Brunch with Babes has 30 Days from your date of joining to create and share your post.

Can I become a member if I don't have a business?

In order to be a member you need an established business to be placed on the Business Directory.

If you don't have a business yet, don't worry, that's what our monthly in person event is for! You can come to a network with the community at any stage within your business journey. Once you have launched your business you can become a Brunch Babe Member and enjoy all of the perks that await you.

Need help launching your business? Reach out to Shelby at bossladyagency@gmail.com

Can anyone be a member?

Please read our Terms and Conditions before signing up for the Brunch Babes Membership. Brunch with Babes reserves the right to select the businesses that align with our mission and values.

I have a well-established business. How can Brunch with Babes help me level up?

We love a goal getter babe who is crushing it in business! From gaining a larger audience to scaling your business to make you even more money, we’ve got you. Our membership community can help you network with other Brunch Babes. You'll grow your impact, your network, your knowledge, and your bottom line to receive even more personally and professionally.

I just signed up as a member, but have not received an email yet?

Please make sure we didn’t end up in your “junk” or “spam” folders, search "bossladyagency". Make sure we’re “whitelisted” in your email settings too aka add bossladyagency@gmail.com to your email contacts that way you don’t have any trouble getting our emails in the future either. If it’s been 24 hours since you signed up and you haven't gotten your welcome email, let us know! You can email us at bossladyagency@gmail.com and we’ll work on getting you that email to you ASAP.

What is your cancellation policy?

All Monthly Membership plans are paid monthly via automatic electronic payment (credit card or debit card). Monthly memberships will automatically renew each month and are subject to increases at the discretion of Brunch with Babes.

Monthly memberships can be canceled at any time inside of your Members Portal.

It is your responsibility to cancel prior to next billing date. There will be no refunds issued once a payment has been charged to your account.

How does the billing process work?

We have two monthly membership options to choose from. You’ll pay the selected monthly amount when you sign up and then you will be billed on that date each month.

All monthly Membership plans are paid by monthly automatic electronic payment (credit card or debit card).

Monthly memberships will automatically renew each month and are subject to increases at the discretion of Brunch with Babes.

I have a question that’s not answered here. What should I do?

We are here to answer any and all questions you may have! Send an email to theshelbystclair@gmail.com and we’ll make sure we reach out to you as soon as we can with an answer!


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